Lighting a campfire in the rain and wind sucks. With regular matches, in a storm, you end up with wet matches and if you do get the match lit, the wind does not let the match stay lit long enough to actually get your campfire going. So then you resort to using a cigarette lighter, only to burn your fingers and still have the same problem with the wind blowing the flame out.

REI Stormproof Matches Box

Stormproof matches sold by UCO & REI solve these problems and light in virtually any condition. These extra-long stormproof matches are designed to light easily and stay lit in high winds & rain, even if the matches are wet. They work similar to a safety flare, but on a smaller scale, burning for about 15 seconds once lit, and with a white flame they steadily march down the fuel coated matchstick, regardless of what element is applied to them. They quickly and easily go out once they reach the end of the orange fuel coating to prevent burning your fingers.
Stormproof Matches light 1Stormproof Matches lightStormproof Matches light 1Stormproof Matches light 3

REI Stormproof Matches Packaging

The stormproof matches from UCO & REI are virtually identical, other than branding on the packaging, and are the stormproof matches we recommend. The matches from both companies come in a plastic wrapper inside a cardboard box that has striking elements on two of the long edges of the box. Two additional striking elements come with each package of stormproof matches. These matches are a great addition to your camping and backpacking gear. They typically sell for around $4-$7 for 50 matches, which is on par with other camping matches.

The below video shows the matches being put through tests that would give other matches a serious inferiority complex. In the video they apply wind, water, dirt, and a shoe to try and put the match out. In some cases the match appears to go out, only to re-light within a second or so.

Most other matches that are marketed as “stormproof” are really just regular matches with a wax coating to keep them dry. Those matches, once lit, act just like a normal match and are susceptible to the elements, and do not burn hot enough to help light damp firewood.

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