This month we are kicking off a new monthly feature on NextCampsite, called The Mixtape, which is a curated playlist of songs for your camping adventure. These are songs that we listen to on the road, hiking, and around the campfire and think many people will enjoy as well. Our musical taste is fairly diverse so expect to see many genres represented in our Mixtapes. We will, however try and keep a general theme for each Mixtape, so don’t expect the styles to jump all over the place on each playlist. Each Mixtape, will generally be 10-12 songs, but every now and then we may make it a box set and include some extra songs for your camping enjoyment.

Songs for the Desert

With the introductions out of the way, the theme for February’s Mixtape is “Songs for the Desert”. We chose this theme for a few reasons. First, we added a ton of awesome desert campsites to NextCampsite in the last few weeks. Second, February is a great month for desert camping due to the cool temperatures at night, and the warm days. Third, we are from, adore, and respect the desert. Lastly, camping in the desert seems to break all of the camping rules, there are no tall pines to speak of, creeks with running water are rare, and there is an element of the unknown or danger associated with the desert. All of these songs and artists are associated with the desert in one form or another.

Without further adieu, here are our February 2015 Songs for the Desert:


Band: The Refreshments

Album: The Bottle and Fresh Horses

Released in 1997


 “Hotel California”

Band: The Eagles

Album: Hotel California

Released in 1976


 “Just South of Nowhere”

Band: The Gin Blossoms

Album: Outside Looking In: The Best Of The Gin Blossoms

Released in 1999


Mrs. Potters Lullaby”

Band: Counting Crows

Album: August and Everything After

Released in 1993



Band: Truckers On Speed

Album: Somebody Somewhere

Released in 2002


My Guardian Angel”

Band: The Pistoleros

Album: Hang On To Nothing

Released in 1997


 “Sonoran Hope & Madness”

Band: Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers

Album: Sonoran Hope & Madness

Released in 2002


“I’d Sure Like That A Lot”

Band: Stephen Ashbrook

Album: Navigator

Released in 1998


 “Horses, Hitches, and Rocky Trails”

Band: Andy Hersey

Album: Companero Blanco

Released in 2002



Band: The Refreshments

Album: Fizzy, Fuzzy, Big, and Buzzy

Released in 1996




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