Camping Toilet Paper

Pro Tip: Keeping Toilet Paper Clean and Dry When Camping

Camping Toilet PaperWe have seen it all too many times when camping with others, a freak, unplanned for downpour drenches you and leaves your camping gear soaked. Most camping gear can survive a little water, however your toilet paper is not most camping gear. Even a little bit of moisture can turn your toilet paper nothing but a worthless, messy lump of bleached wood fibers. In just as bad of a scenario, your toilet paper can end up on the ground collecting all the dirt, sticks and debris that can cling to the tee-pee; you might as well be using sandpaper or steel wool to wipe. Ouch!

The Camping Toilet Paper Solution

The Alaska Outdoor Journal has tipped us off that a large empty coffee canister (or similar container) is the perfect size to hold a single roll of toilet paper, without adding a ton of extra bulk. The containers are designed to be sturdy and water resistant enough to withstand a rainstorm. Since coffee is best stored in a dry, airtight container, the coffee companies designed these types of containers to make it possible to get their products to consumers without it getting destroyed in shipping.

Even with keeping your toilet paper in the coffee canister when camping, there is always the possibility that some moisture may get into the container, so we like to toss in a silica gel packet in to absorb any rogue moisture that happens to get in.

Another Way to Keep Toilet Paper Dry

While the coffee canister method works for keeping your toilet paper dry, you may be like me and don’t like the types of coffee that comes in canisters. If you fall into this category, you can buy a 40oz Dry Sack that can serve the same function. Dry Sacks are made of waterproof materials and roll at the top before you close the clasp which hold the roll tight, sealing the sack.

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