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The NextCampsite Story

NextCampsite was started to help address the challenge of locating great campsites due to the limited online availability of detailed and accurate information about campsites and campgrounds. Our goal is to be the best resource on the Internet for finding great campsites and assist you with planning legendary camping trips. We personally visit, photograph, and review the campgrounds that are listed on NextCampsite.com. We love craft beer the outdoors and take camping seriously, but we also like to have fun. As such, we like to be snarky inject some humor where possible because lets face it camping is all about having fun in the outdoors.

In addition to campsite reviews we will share tips and tricks that we have learned along the way, as well as review camping gear that we have actually used in the wild, and recipe’s for camping food that is easy and delicious to make. Finally, our blog posts are a catch all for anything else camping and outdoors that we think will be useful to our readers, or happens to tumble out of our mind.

NextCampsite was started by Justin Wilson, read more about him below.

NextCampsite Founder: Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson - NextCampsiteJustin is an IT Professional, focused on cloud, mobile, and infrastructure management and security with his consulting business, as well as chief bottle washer for this website. In addition to NextCampsite. Justin also runs and writes for the west coast craft brewery website BreweryScout.

Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Justin had a deep respect for the Sonoran Desert instilled in him by his father, who grew up in northern Arizona. While that respect was instilled when growing up, Justin never went camping, or enjoyed many outdoor activities until his early twenties when he went camping for the first time in Big Sur, California. That one camping trip was all it took, and the outdoors soon became a passion for Justin.

Justin earned a Bachelors of Science in Software Engineering from the University of Advancing Technology, and enjoys making technology work for business, but loves the outdoors, and loves maintaining NextCampsite.com, seeing it as the intersection of his passion for technology and the outdoors.

In the summer of 2011 Justin moved, with then-girlfriend, from the deserts of Arizona to the San Francisco Bay Area, and once settled they both got the camping itch. Setting out to find great campsites, like those they knew in Arizona, they quickly became distraught after finding campground after campground where campers were packed in like sardines, with little no privacy. On their first camping excursion they ended up sandwiched between a dumpster and a port-a-potty during mosquito season (true story). In Arizona, they found out about great campsites through friends and co-workers that also enjoyed camping, but in California without this network of friends they decided that there had to be a better way, and thus NextCampsite was born.

Feel free to contact Justin at justin@nextcampsite.com.