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Founded in 2012, NextCampsite has become one of the most visited camping and outdoor recreation websites on the web. In 2016, NextCampsite saw nearly 300,000 unique page views and our social media accounts have a combined reach of over 20,000 followers.

Traditional Ad Space

We offer advertising space on a site-wide basis or in certain sections. Standard ad sizes are accepted as well as additional custom sizes on a case-by-case basis.

Ad space can be purchased by week or month, with a guarantee of 100% fill in the locations during the time frame purchased. Rates begin at $50 per unit, per week.

Sponsored Posts

We offer sponsorship of posts on a case-by-case basis. Examples include:

  • Branding on a series of feature articles, campsite guides, or other recreation guides
  • Detailed posts on your product or brand
  • Simple sponsored posts

While we allow content to be provided for sponsored posts, we reserve the right to make editorial changes to the content if it does not fit our style guidelines or content standards.

Compensation is negotiable depending on the type of sponsorship requested and the quantity of original content we have to create. All sponsored content will provide full disclosure to our readers about our relationship, and clearly identify the content as sponsored.

We do not accept compensation for reviews of products or services. We disclose when a product or service is provided to us at reduced cost or at no cost.

Sample Rates:

  • Sponsored blog post – 30 day life: $100
  • Sponsored blog post – 90 day life: $250
  • Sponsored blog post – permanent: $350

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