As with most technology these days you do not just buy one product; you buy into an ecosystem of related and add-on products. Action cameras, like the GoPro line of cameras is no different. GoPro offers their own plethora of mounts, batteries, and other accessories, however as we have found out first hand storing and protecting the cameras and related gear is a pain, especially when camping or backpacking. We usually just use our Timbuk2 camera bag camera bag and Pelican cases to store our GoPro and accessories, but have always found this to be a fairly bulky, and possibly damaging way to carry and store the cameras. Not to mention that it does work well when trying to minimize the amount of stuff that we are carrying when camping.

However, it looks like manufacturers that have traditionally made things like iPhone cases are finally catching onto this need and are making bags and other accessories that are designed specifically to store and protect GoPro products. One such manufacturer is Incase, which in recent history has made everything from phone cases and laptop sleeves to backpacks, and has recently launched a line of gear targeted at GoPro owners.

Incase Action Camera Cases

Incase Action Camera Collection

The flagship cases are named Mono and Dual, with the former capable of housing one camera, while the latter can house two cameras. Both can also feature padded slots for extra batteries and SD cards, as well as space for other accessories. Incase also is offering two backpacks, the Pro Pack and Sling Pack. Both of which can be used to carry the Mono and Dual cases, as well as a plethora of other gear including their own accessory storage packs and other gear that an outdoor and camping enthusiast might have like large DSLR cameras. All of the cases and backpacks appear to be somewhat water resistant and are made from the same ballistic nylon material that many Timbuk2 bags are made from. The Pro and Sling Packs even feature a rain fly to further protect the precious gear.

Incase Pro Pack
Incase Pro Pack
Incase Dual Pack GoPro Case
Incase Dual Pack GoPro Case








In addition to this line of packs from Incase, we are seeing other vendors launch their own lines of gear for action cameras. Based on the pictures and specs we are pretty impressed by the Incase Action Camera Collection, and we are hoping to get our hands on these, as well as similar cases from other vendors very soon so we can do reviews and head-to-head comparisons. We are also particularly interested in how it works with non-GoPro cameras and if it is practical for use when camping.

In the meantime you can pick up the Incase line at BestBuy, as well as on Incase’s website, and hopefully other retailers soon.

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