Unless you exclusively are a backpack camper, you need a cooler to keep your beer (and food) cold. While we would all love to have a $1000 12 volt car fridge, it is not an option for most people, so the next best option is an ice chest, but a decent ice chest can cost you between $50-$100, and the crown jewel of ice chests, The Yeti¬†will cost you north of $300-$400. That is where Cascades’ Recycled Cardboard Cooler Box comes in.

Cardboard? WTF?FRONT_fond_gris---FR-H-300

Yep, cardboard, recycled cardboard too. Cascades, the manufacturer, has made this box from 70% North American-sourced recycled materials. With a special water-repellant coating that keeps the cardboard from getting soaked as the ice melts. It also helps that it has an interior insulation lining that helps keep your beer food cold. The cooler is designed to last for at least 6 outings/usages.

CAMPING_2-fruits-NOUVEAUX_rabats-H-300So, while this cooler is clearly not a replacement for a great ice chest, it is great for simple outings that you may not want to lug a full ice chest out to, such as simple picnics or 4th of July fireworks. It also makes a good overflow cooler for camping, allowing you to keep room in your regular ice chest for your food, and keep everything else in the cardboard box. The upside to this cooler is that with it designed for 6 uses, it should get you through a camping season, and when you are done with it, you can recycle it again, making it a more sustainable alternative to cheap styrofoam coolers.

Cascades Cardboard Cooler Box

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