Our team at NextCampsite is attempting to provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information on the 15,000+ campsites in the United States. While we currently do not have data on all 15,000 campsites available, we are working on it. Currently our fleet of minions driving the back roads, coming through volumes of camping guide books, waking up park rangers in the middle of the night, and crawling the web to compile this massive amount of data. Needless to say it is a big job, but we are up to it.

Once we identify a campsite candidate for the website we attempt to find as much info about the campsite and format it for viewing on the web using a standardized matrix to make it easier for you to compare sites at a glance. Sometimes obtaining the needed data requires hours of effort, phone calls, and often physical visits to the campsite. More often than not, a physical visit is the best way for us to get the data needed to evaluate a campsite or campground. In the near future we will be leveraging our physical visit data to provide you with curated reviews of campgrounds and individual campsites within the campgrounds, all to help you not get sandwiched between a dumpster and a bathroom on your next camping trip.

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Justin is an IT Professional, focused on cloud, mobile, and infrastructure management and security with his consulting business, as well as chief bottle washer for this website. In addition to NextCampsite.com, Justin also runs and writes for the technology infrastructure-focused blog OddJobsInTech.com, and the mobile device-focused blog EnterpriseMobileDevice.com.


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