Ethics & Disclosure

Our Content Is Not For Sale

While we write about many things that are outdoors related, none of the editorial content on this website is paid for nor influenced by payment, free product, discounts, or other forms of association with manufacturers, vendors, or retailers. Companies sometimes do send us free samples or demo product on a temporary basis, which is OK, but it still will not influence us to write glowing reviews about their product or service.

However, when we come across something unique, interesting, or just outright cool we will likely write something about it regardless if we receive a demo unit or advertisement from the vendor. 

We are shallow, we care what people think about us

Often we will review or write about products and services, but decide that the content, product, or service may not benefit our audience or fit with the overall content of NextCampsite, and therefore it does not make it to the website. So, as you are reading our prose about cool campsites or products you can be comfortable that we are not writing to sell you something. Our goal is to write about things that we hope you will be interested in or find useful.

We are not a PR lackey. Often we are sent press releases, but we will not write about it or reprint the content unless we think it is absolutely relevant to our audience.

Most of the gear we actually review and discuss on NextCampsite is purchased with cash from our pocket. If we review or write about something that we did not pay for we will include a note about this within the review or post. That said, we are setup as an affiliate for some products, and when there’s a link to buy a product at a retailer’s website, it will often be an affiliate link. Meaning we will likely get a small commission when someone makes a purchase through a link we’ve posted to a retail website, and we could get additional commissions on other, non-related, products you buy if you have clicked on one of our affiliate links. All of the proceeds from the comissions help fund NextCampsite and we think it is only fair that we get a little something for sales that we helped generate, but rest assured we are not charging vendors for Mafia-like protection, and there is definitely no one related to NextCampsite on the vig.

Let us know what you think (positive or negative, we will still read it)