Last week we received The Tahoe Backpack from Granite Rocx in the mail to try out, and their timing was perfect. When we received The Tahoe Backpack, we were just heading out the door to spend a night at Oceano Dunes SVRA before heading south to Los Angeles for the ASU vs USC football game. Our trip to Oceano Dunes was just intended to be a light camping trip; we skipped the tent and opted to sleep in the Jeep instead. We also skipped the camping stove and was planning on only bringing my wife’s small USC cooler so we could grab some light refreshments before getting to the campground. However, since The Tahoe Backpack features a detachable cooler we figured that we would just use it instead. So we packed our basic needs in the backpack and headed out the door.

The Tahoe Backpack Overview

The Tahoe Backpack and Cooler Bag
The Tahoe Backpack and Cooler Bag

The Tahoe Backpack is more than your average daypack, it is really a unique backpack system that features straps and pockets that can securely carry anything from a folding chair to your bottle of sunscreen. There is a compartment that opens up on the back side with four straps that hook together to make it easy to take a folding beach chair with you just about anywhere. This compartment can also be used to hold other large, flat objects too, such as magazines, and even a laptop. However, If you are like me and use your collapsable, cylinder-style camping chairs for all occasions, you are in luck as well; The Tahoe has straps on the bottom of the bag that can hold these types camping chairs as well.

In addition to the back chair compartment, The Tahoe Backpack has many other pockets, including two water bottle pouches on the sides, a front zippered pocket that has smaller pockets for organizing, a phone pocket on the padded shoulder straps, and front bungie that can hold things like your beach towel. The biggest pocket, however, is the large interior compartment that can be used to hold just about anything. For our quick, overnight trip, we stuffed our toiletry bags, a roll of paper towels, and a Duraflame fire log into the bag; with room to spare.

However, what sets The Tahoe apart from other backpacks and daypacks, and is our favorite thing about the bag, is the detachable cooler that can, surprisingly, hold a lot of food and drink, and is insulated enough to keep it cool all day long with simple ice packs.

Cooler Companion Bag

The Tahoe Backpack Cooler Bag
The Tahoe Backpack Cooler Bag

The companion cooler bag may have been our favorite part of this bag. The cooler attaches to the front of The Tahoe Backpack using three squeeze buckles and has its own shoulder strap that allows the cooler bag to be used separately from the rest of the backpack. This came in handy for us for our first use. Before we got to Oceano Dunes we stopped and picked up some beer and wine to enjoy around our beach campfire. The insulated compartment fit two bottles of wine, one 24oz bottle of beer, and two ice packs; and kept them cold all night.

The Tahoe Backpack Cooler Bag
The Tahoe Backpack Cooler Bag

The insulated bag also came in handy for us the next day before the ASU vs USC game at the Los Angeles Coliseum. We were able to fit 14 cold beers in the insulated compartment, even though it is labeled for 12 – Bonus – and walk around the USC campus with all of the other tailgaters by carrying the bag with the shoulder strap. The bag kept the beers cold all day and collapsed small enough that my wife was able to fit it into her purse when we went into the game.

The cooler bag also has a front mesh pouch that can be used for holding just about anything, but seems ideally suited for holding power bars and other snacks. The rear pouch is big enough to hold camping silverware, or things like maps, etc.

About Granite Rocx

Prior to receiving The Tahoe Backpack, we had not heard of its manufacturer, Granite Rocx, and we are betting that you likely have not either. This is because they are a newer company and The Tahoe Backpack was the first piece of gear they made. They have have subsequently followed it up with The Cascade, a similar backpack, but looks to have a larger capacity.

Granite Rocx was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Lake Tahoe, California.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line on The Tahoe Backpack is that we like it and recommend it. The most significant, but yet really minor, fault we could find with it is that the zippers were a little hard to pull when the bag was not full, but they did not snag or catch. This could be resolved by Granite Rocx by switching to a more “chunky” zipper with bigger teeth. We will be using this backpack frequently for trips to the beach and for day hikes.

The Tahoe Backpack is available from Granite Rocx’s online store or from Amazon for about $65.


  • Large Capacity Compartments
  • Durable Build Quality
  • Can hold folding chairs
  • Insulated companion bag
  • Waist Strap for stability


  • Zipper can be difficult to pull with one hand when bag is not full
  • No way to adjust straps that connect the cooler bag to backpack, can cause the cooler to flop around when it is full and the backpack is not

Granite Rocx – The Tahoe Backpack Pictures

Disclosure of Material Connection: received the The Tahoe Backpack from Granite Rocx for free, as coordinated by Deep Creek PR an Outdoor Retailer Public Relations Company in consideration for review publication.

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