Hello, it’s been quiet here on NextCampsite for quite a while. Sure, we have made some updates here and there, but for the most part NextCampsite has been on autopilot for the last 18 months. Why you might ask? Well, this website started off as a research project of sorts to find better camping experiences after moving to San Francisco. It then evolved into a passion driven hobby that I and my better half contributed to when we were not grinding it out working in technology on a daily basis.

About 18 months ago, I took a new job running global IT for one of the fastest growing technology companies in history and on top of that we embarked on a major renovation project at a new house. Both of these life changes kicked off a number of new adventures for us. The job has taken me to new countries and caused me to rack up 100,000 frequent flier miles in just 10 months. I have seen the company grow from 100 employees to 800, and from 2 offices to 10.The house project is allowing us to build a place that we want to call home (at least until we can get the hell out of SF). Also we get to use all sorts of new power tools and heavy machinery that I never knew I want to use. Nail guns anyone?

So what’s changed and why are we posting this now?

Well, the pace of the new job has subsided, and the house project is still ongoing and fun, but has reached a point where we have a little more free time. We also longed for our outdoor adventures, which had become largely non-existent with the new job and house. We missed exploring new campsites, posting about them, and sharing the pictures. But mainly, we missed helping other people explore new places and experience the adventures that writing and maintaining NextCampste has taken us on.

We had a similar realization with NextCampsite’s sister site, BreweryScout.com. However, the thing about breweries is they are a little more accessible than good camping. Sure, we continued visiting breweries and taking pictures, but much like maintaining this site we never had the time to write about them. But let’s face it, we like drinking good beer, and visiting breweries is a little easier to plan sometimes than planning the camping trip of a lifetime.

What’s next?

With another blockbuster year coming to a close, we decided that we wanted to get back to exploring, writing, and sharing. To help with this we are going to start working on tackling some of the things we have been wanting or needing to do with the website, but have been putting off for some other day.

Initially, most of it will be pure maintenance work, such as giving the website some much needed TLC to fix some minor issues and clearing the thousands of bogus comments awaiting approval; all of which are trying to sell knock-off Swiss watches and penis enlargement pills. Next we will be moving the site to a new web hosting service, which should make it faster and more reliable. After that, we will begin working our way through the backlog of campsites that we never got around to posting about.

We also have some other big plans around a redesign and new features, but those are things for another post. For now, we mainly want to say thanks for continuing to visit NextCampsite, and we look forward to what the dwindling days of this year and what adventures the upcoming year will bring for us and the website.

Keep the adventure going

-Justin & Charmaine Wilson

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Justin is an IT Professional, focused on cloud, mobile, and infrastructure management and security with his consulting business, as well as chief bottle washer for this website. In addition to NextCampsite.com, Justin also runs and writes for the technology infrastructure-focused blog OddJobsInTech.com, and the mobile device-focused blog EnterpriseMobileDevice.com.


  1. Hi Justin,

    Thanks for maintaining this website. I love this website and it is bookmarked on my Chrome browser.
    I live in the SF and I explored camping grounds around here and there based on your reviews.
    I like the way you clarified about campgrounds. I mean it. It is really helpful to pick my next camping site.
    Although, if I can add my comment here, it is a little confusing sometimes because the number of stars does not necessarily represent how wonderful the camping experience can be. Unlike that of yelp.com.
    I hope to see more progress soon. And stickers too.
    Happy holidays!

    • Thanks for your support and the feedback! We will take another look at how we are rating sites in the future.

      We have added a number of new campsites recently as well as blog posts. The plan is take this momentum and roll with it. We will also have new stickers very soon!



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