We have decided to start a new blog feature on NextCampsite, the Video of the Week, where we will find YouTube videos that show camping awesomeness in one way or another. Sometimes we will make these videos ourselves, as is the case for this week’s installment.

Video Overview

This week’s video was shot at Hollister Hills SVRA in northern California, on one of the many off-road obstacle courses that are located throughout the park. This obstacle course is designed for as a light off-road course, and if you think of it in terms of ski runs this is more of blue square run (Hollister Hills SVRA does have double black diamond runs too), and can be conquered by most stock four-wheel drive vehicles. But, what we liked about this course, was that it had a mud pit that we took the opportunity to drive through, at least a few times.

We filmed this video using a GoPro Hero 3 Silver, which was attached to the NextCampsite Scout Vehicle using a GoPro Suction Cup Mount. We controlled the GoPro from the cab using the built-in WiFi and the GoPro Android app running on an Asus Nexus 7 tablet that is mounted in the cab of the Jeep. Using the Nexus 7 we could Power On/Off the GoPro, and tell it when to start recording.

This was the first video we have made using the GoPro, but we have big plans to use the camera to take campground drive through videos on future camping trips. How is that for awesome 🙂

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