Every spring, after the winter rains, California’s deserts and hillsides turn into lush gardens full of wildflowers in bloom. This year is a bit different than the last several though. With the massive amounts of winter rain that California received, it seems that wildflowers are starting to kick into gear everywhere, and Anza Borrego is in overdrive. For a few weeks this year the harsh desert will feel like a manicured garden, and this weekend is probably going to be approaching peak Super Bloom.

Super Bloom in Anza Borrego

This week’s Weekend Bucketlist is the super bloom in Anza Borrego State Park. For the last few weeks the desert has been slowing coming alive with sprouts poking through the hard dirt floor. Some spots for hunting wildflowers are better than others, and they change seemingly daily as new areas bloom and others start to diminish. Depending on how much adventure you are seeking you could simply go for a drive through the park or nearby Ocotillo Wells, but to see the best blooms you will have to set out on a hike.

Before you set out into the desert in search of the best wildflower spots, you should have some direction. That’s where the Anza Borrego Desert Natural History Association comes in. They provide daily updates on wildflower activity around the park on their website, as well as wildflower maps.

Day Hike or Camp

You can reach many of the best spots for wildflower activity with a simple day hike, but there are also some great camping opportunities in Anza Borrego as well to allow you to explore and see more. Many of the campsites in Anza Borrego State Park are first-come, first-served and do not charge for camping. Some of the campsites are more remote and may require a four-wheel drive vehicle to reach, but these also may be the best spots for setting our for wildflowers.

Anza Borrego State Park Campsites

Other California Wildflower Resources

Wildflower activity in California is not just limited to Anza Borrego; there are many other places around California that are in bloom as well. Modern Hiker has put together a comprehensive list of wildflower resources for the entire state.

Image: Rob Bertholf via Flickr
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